Carmelo Anthony Day-to-Day With Left Ankle Sprain

by December 14, 2012

An ankle sprain midway through the third quarter was the only blemish on Carmelo Anthony’s otherwise nearly-perfect evening. The superstar forward says he’s day-to-day with the injury. Per the NY Post: “One of them awkward falls,’ he will say. […] ‘All you’re thinking,’ Raymond Felton said, ‘is one thing. And that’s: Get up, Melo.’ … ‘The way he was playing,’ Tyson Chandler said after the Knicks ground their way to a 116-107 victory, ‘there’s no telling how much he would have gotten. And there’s no way his game winds up as close as it did at the end.’ […] As Anthony flew toward the hoop last night, it sure felt like the Knicks had been at this magical mystery tour of a season for longer than 22 games, but that’s all it is, barely past the quarter pole. Then Anthony falls and the imagination soars: Ripped-up ACL? Ruptured vertebrae? Cracked tailbone? All seemed possible. It was a grisly fall. ‘Ankle, knee, hip … I’m real sore right now,’ Anthony would say. The diagnosis: sprained left ankle, and the smart money has him sitting out tomorrow’s Garden scrimmage with Cleveland with an eye toward taking part in Monday’s reunion with Jeremy Lin and the Rockets. ‘Day by day,’ is how Melo described it, which sounds about right.”