Carmelo Anthony Denies That He Wants Out of New York

by December 12, 2014

The (4-20) New York Knicks are a terrible team, losers of ten in a row, and rumors are percolating that Carmelo Anthony is perhaps thinking of bolting.

Melo signed a five-year max ($124 million) deal last summer, and despite the tough times, he says that he’s not going anywhere.

Anthony will grit his teeth as team president Phil Jackson, slowly and painfully, rebuilds the franchise.

Per The Record:

“I don’t really know what to say to that,” Anthony said. “I guess it’s just what happens when you hit the wall of adversity and everything is a snowball effect. I guess it comes with the territory, whether it’s fair or not, it comes with the territory. You know the cure to all of this is winning, and that’s what we have to do, win some basketball games. I’ve been here before, I’ve lost some games and had all types of things written about me, written about the team. It’s going to happen.


“Come on, man, after all the work I did to get here and get back here, if I was to get up and want to leave now, that would just make me weak, make me have a weak mind. I’ve never been the person to try run from any adversity or anything like that. So I’m not going to pick today to do that.”


Anthony was asked if he expected this rough start in a rebuilding year as Jackson is looking ahead to the summer when the Knicks will have the cap space to add pieces alongside him. […] “It’s hard for me as a competitor to try to accept that,” Anthony said. “You hear about it, the things that you guys write about it, but I don’t want to accept that. I’m not gonna accept that as a player and a competitor. So despite what anybody else is saying about this season, what they were saying about this season, it’s hard for me to kind of believe that and roll with that. I will never roll with that. I didn’t really have kind of any expectations. The only expectations I had was to be better than we were last year, kind of make some improvements, some strides, so we can get to where we trying to get in the division.”