Carmelo Anthony Excited to Play in the Triangle Offense

by September 15, 2014

There’s been much ado about Carmelo Anthony’s role now that the New York Knicks, under new head coach Derek Fisher and team president Phil Jackson, will be running the Triangle Offense.

A fired-up Anthony worked harder than ever this offseason after missing the Playoffs for the first time in his 11-year NBA career, and Melo (despite the tamped down expectations) says he can hardly wait to get going in the new setup. Per the NY Post:

“I was angry,” Anthony said (about only taking a week or two off this summer.) “I was angry.”


“Every year is different,” he said. “Last year I don’t think nobody thought Toronto would do what they were going to do last year. I don’t think nobody thought the Wizards were going to do what they did last year. So every year is always different. […] This year, with Paul George going down, Chicago will always be there. But as far as basketball goes, I’m excited to get back and play on the court because I know what we have with the New York Knicks, and we’re only going to get better, so I’m excited about that.”


“Without a doubt, without a doubt,” he said about being able to produce in the new offense. “When people say spots, I’m going to be all over the floor. In the triangle, you’re all over the floor … it makes it hard to guard, it keeps all eyes off of you. […] I’m looking forward to it, I’ve been saying it all summer. I can’t wait.”