Carmelo Anthony ‘Frustrated’ He Hasn’t Been Traded Yet

by October 15, 2010

The Denver Post, through sources, reports that ‘Melo is upset because he’s still wearing a powder blue uniform: “The source said Anthony’s camp is getting increasingly frustrated that he has yet to be dealt, desirably to an East Coast team, notably New York or New Jersey. The source maintained Anthony would also agree to a trade with Chicago, but the Nuggets won’t make the trade unless it involves Joakim Noah. The source confirmed that it is highly unlikely Anthony agrees to a trade to Philadelphia or the Clippers. The Nuggets desire Nets rookie Derrick Favors in a trade — something that could happen down the line. The 19-year-old post player has struggled this preseason with recent shooting nights of 1-for-6, 3-for-9 and 0-for-5. But Favors’ upside is tremendous; he was the third pick in this summer’s draft.”