Carmelo Anthony Happy to Sacrifice Shots in OKC

by December 04, 2017

Carmelo Anthony has put up 17 shots in the past two games, scoring 18 games total, marking the first time in his 15-year NBA career that Anthony has scored in single digits in consecutive games.

Melo says he’s willing to sacrifice his offense, if leads to wins for the OKC Thunder.

Anthony says he doesn’t feel the need to score 20-30 points a night.


“I think at this point, this process we’re still trying to figure it out, still trying to see how we want to play. So we’re still trying different things out there,” Anthony said. “For me personally, it’s just about doing something different, seeing where the team really needs me on a night-to-night basis. And just be willing to do that and being willing to sacrifice, not every night having to score 20 or 30 points, and I’m good with that, it’s a good feeling as long as we’re winning. I think these past couple games that we’ve been winning, we’ve been moving the ball well and putting a complete game together, and as a result, have won two in a row.”


The last two games, a small sample no doubt, the Thunder have made it a focus to continue to trust, even if the ball doesn’t go in. Instead of drifting away from passing and movement after a few empty possessions to try to just let talent take over, they’ve been more resolute in sticking with it.


“I think we’re building in the right direction,” [Paul] George said. “We’re not caring who’s getting shots. The ball is just moving. I mean, you see it, Melo’s been taking a huge sacrifice, in terms of his shots and his ability to move and make plays. Russ, myself, man, it’s moving. And you’re going to see guys like Steven [Adams] being on that better end of it from us playing this attack, penetrate and kick and try to find our teammates.”

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