Carmelo Anthony and Kobe Bryant Reportedly Played Pickup at UCLA

by July 07, 2014

Twitter was ablaze Sunday with rumors of Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Love balling up at UCLA. Nothing has been solidly confirmed, but that hasn’t stopped the fun speculation about what any of this means. Per the LA Daily News:

A UCLA official said that Bryant was seen on campus on Sunday, but it is not clear if he played any pickup basketball. Anthony was seen working out at the UCLA campus last week, coinciding with his free agency meeting on Thursday with the Lakers at their practice facility in El Segundo. And Love did not step foot on the UCLA campus on Sunday at all.


So much for those UCLA officials suggesting otherwise on Twitter, those 140 characters reflecting the fact they were all non eyewitness accounts. It is also worthy to note that a flurry of NBA players compete in pickup basketball games on UCLA’s campus every day during the offseason.