Carmelo Anthony on Playing in Denver: ‘I Would Love to’

by September 30, 2010

Melo told the media in Denver that he’s fully committed to the team this season, but hinted at some disagreement with management’s outlook. From the Post: “Though Carmelo Anthony said all the right things Wednesday about playing for the Nuggets this season β€” ‘I would love to’ β€” and denied he was even asked to sign a contract extension to make a trade with the Nets work (contrary to what league sources said), he did give a small glimpse of behind-the-scenes disagreements. General manager Masai Ujiri and Denver front-office executives have publicly said they hoped that Melo would agree to re-sign with Denver, but they were unable to get a sitdown meeting with him this summer. On Wednesday, Melo said: ‘I met with Masai right before media day (Monday). He said what he had to say; I had what I had to say. We discussed a lot of things out there on the table.’ Then Anthony was asked, ‘Were the things he had to say different from the things you had to say?’ Melo: ‘Yes. Yes.'”