Carmelo Anthony: Phil Jackson ‘Ain’t Coaching No More’

by March 16, 2016

Despite rumors of Phil Jackson possibly coaching home games for the New York Knicks next season, with current interim Kurt Rambis handling road duties, Carmelo Anthony says the Zen Master is done pacing up and down the sidelines.

Rambis says the strange scenario had been discussed when he worked under Jackson in Los Angeles, but that it never seemed realistic.

Anthony just wants Phil to convince big-time free agents to join him in The Big Apple.

Per Newsday:

Team president Phil Jackson came out in support of Rambis last week, saying he believes he’s fully capable of leading the Knicks going forward. Anthony believes Jackson should also interview other people. […] “I think you consider Kurt at that job,” Anthony said after the Knicks practiced Tuesday at Oracle Arena. “He brought Kurt here for that reason if anything was to happen and the situation is here for him now. I think it’s just more of seeing how Kurt handles the situation right now, how the team does, how the team responds to Kurt. But I think you still have to go out there and at least listen to other candidates out there.”


Jackson isn’t a candidate, however. […] “Phil ain’t coaching no more, man,” Anthony said. “So let’s kill that rumor. Phil ain’t coaching no more.”


Rambis said he and Jackson talked about the home-road scenario when they were together with the Lakers, but nothing ever materialized. […] “Not with the Knicks,” Rambis said. “It was a what-if scenario. It never even got close to being something that was realistic.”