Carmelo Anthony Says He Can ‘Perform at a High Level for the Next Four or Five Years’

by October 04, 2015

Carmelo Anthony is 31 years old, and the 8-time All-Star says he’s still got “four or five years” left of playing at a high level. Here’s what he told reporters recently, from Ian Begley of ESPN:

Anthony believes that his decision to undergo knee surgery will help him perform at an elite level through the remainder of his current contract and beyond.


“I wasn’t a guy who would run straight to surgery for anything. But I think now, [taking] care of this really put me in position to perform at a high level for the next four or five years,” he said.


Anthony also believes that he can play effectively past age 35 because he doesn’t rely on a freakish vertical leap or foot speed to perform.


“If I was a guy who kind of played above the rim and played at a fast pace and just running and jumping — that was my game, very athletic — then I’d probably be sitting here singing a different tune,” Anthony said. “But the way that I play, the way that I know how to pace myself, the way I know how to pick my spots out on the basketball court, I’m not a guy who’s playing above the rim every play so it works in my favor.”


Anthony had surgery in late February to repair a patella injury in his left knee. He said on Saturday that his knee felt pain-free following five days of training camp. Camp included at least three five-on-five scrimmages and two practices per day for at least three days.