Carmelo Anthony Says Knee Surgery Would Be ‘Last, Last Option’

by December 12, 2014

New York Knicks All-Star forward Carmelo Anthony acknowledged the possibility of needing surgery on his sore left knee, but for now, he’s going to gut it out.

Anthony is expected to re-join the Knicks’ lineup Friday night in Boston.

Melo wants to avoid the surgeon’s knife for as long as possible.

Per Newsday:

“I think any time you’re dealing with something like an injury to the knee, shoulder, anything like that, that that will always be a solution, an option, but that was the last, last option,” Anthony said.


“I’ll explore as many other options as I can before I go under the knife and get surgery. We really don’t know exactly what’s the problem.”


Anthony said the knee has been bothering him since the second game of the season, and for the most part he’s been able to play through it. But he was getting it worked on before and after Tuesday’s game in New Orleans. […] Anthony got treatment Wednesday. He said he’s not sure how long he’ll be out. (Derek) Fisher hopes Anthony can play Friday in Boston. Anthony said they need to figure out what’s wrong and the best way to deal with it, and there are no immediate plans to undergo further tests.