Carmelo Anthony Says the Knicks Had Bad Energy Last Season

by November 03, 2014

Last season’s New York Knicks were a 37-45 trainwreck.

Carmelo Anthony says it was more than just the losing that depressed everyone in the locker room – the organization, as a whole, had a bad vibe.

Melo refused to call out any out any specific players, coaches or management types, but says the energy in MSG is a lot more positive this time around.

Per the NY Post:

“I knew it was different the first day we stepped into training camp,” said Anthony after the Knicks prepared in Tarrytown for Tuesday’s Garden game with the Wizards. “Just the culture and the atmosphere that’s here. The mindsets of people — not just the players, but the coaches and the staff. How positive everybody was. […] There’s no bad energy flowing through our team, the organization right now. That’s always a big key when you have that kind of atmosphere around.”


“I’m not talking about any players, I’m just talking about as a whole. As an organization, as a whole, the energy was just different last year from Day One,” Anthony said. “It [didn’t] have anything to do with the players. When we walked in here from Day One, from training camp Media Day, the energy was just different.”


General manager Glen Grunwald was whacked shortly before training camp last season. The Knicks spiraled downward. The team picture was a chalk outline. But Anthony stressed it wasn’t just the losing that made life miserable. […] “It’s deeper than that. I won’t go into details. It’s deeper than us going out and losing basketball games,” Anthony said. “For whatever reason, it happened. We looked at that. The organization looked at that. And they made some great changes.”