Carmelo Anthony Says the Knicks Miss Jason Kidd, Rasheed Wallace and Kurt Thomas

by November 30, 2013

The start of the Knicks’ season has been about as bad as it possibly could be, and finally, instead of acting like everything is just fine, Carmelo Anthony is being honest about the squad’s situation: They’re desperately missing a veteran presence in the locker room. Via the NY Post: “Kidd protected the Knicks last season with his play and savvy and helped the Knicks to an 18-5 start and 54-28 finish. With Tyson Chandler out, Anthony is the lone leader now on a 3-12 club. It’s not only Kidd’s leadership that is missed, Anthony said. The Knicks had cagey veterans that made them the oldest club in NBA history last season. ‘That makeup of the team was different [last year],’ said Anthony, who lost another homecoming game in Denver. ‘With J-Kidd, he was a leader in his own right. He wasn’t a vocal leader like a Rasheed [Wallace] or Kurt Thomas. He was leader by example on the court. His hard work, his play, everyone fed off that. And everyone led in their own way. Now we do miss that — J-Kidd, Kurt, Kurt and Rasheed. Last year as a team we were more synchronized than right now due to chemistry, due to having fun, due to just having one another’s back.'”