Carmelo Anthony on Not Signing With Chicago: ‘What’s Done is Done’

by December 18, 2014

The Chicago Bulls are hosting Carmelo Anthony’s New York Knicks in a nationally-televised matchup Thursday night, and as everyone predicted during the offseason, the two teams sit on opposite ends of the Eastern Conference standings.

Anthony, who’s dealing with a nagging knee injury, says he has no regrets about choosing the Knicks (and their millions of dollars) during free agency.

Melo insists that he’s fine with his decision to turn down a chance to compete for a title in the Windy City.

Per Newsday:

“You just got to believe,” he said after practice Wednesday. “I’ve never been a quitter in my life. It’s something that you have to believe that it will happen and have faith that it will happen. You just have to stay the course. This is not the situation that I expected, that we expected. But there’s nothing we can do about it as far as what’s happened already. We got to focus on tomorrow.”


“I’ve been around this league for a long time now,” he said. “I’ve seen when things are bad and I’ve seen when things are good — not this bad! Eventually everything turns around. The tables are turned eventually. If I don’t stay the course now, if I don’t believe or have faith in what we’re trying to create with this whole journey, then I’m fooling myself.”


“What’s done is done,” he said. “I kind of don’t look at it, I kind of don’t think about it. You know that’s in the past for me. Just a situation I had to deal with that I went through this offseason but . . . I don’t even come close to thinking about it.”