Carmelo Anthony Supports Nuggets’ Front-Office Shakeup

by November 12, 2010

Read the tea leaves on this one all you want, but ‘Melo thinks getting rid of longtime front-office adviser Bret Bearup was the right move. The Denver Post reports: “Nuggets president Josh Kroenke and executive VP of basketball ops Masai Ujiri got rid of longtime front-office adviser Bret Bearup, who had been helpful in many past trades – and had his hand in cooking up recent deals for Melo. Asked about the Nuggets getting rid of Bearup from the front office, Anthony said, ‘That’s a step. I think that was a big step, not just for Josh (Kroenke) and Masai (Ujiri) but for the whole organization – for the whole league to know what they’re doing here, to make progress. Positive (step). They made some changes obviously for the better of the organization. That’s their decision.'”