Carmelo Anthony Supports Wife Saying He Will Stay With Knicks

by January 29, 2014

It’s generally a good idea for a husband to agree with his wife in public. During a promo of her new book, Carmelo Anthony’s better half made headlines by saying she thinks her hubby will re-sign with the New York Knicks this summer as a free agent. Melo wasn’t about to contradict LaLa in front of reporters. Per Newsday:

“That’s my wife,” Anthony said Tuesday night. “I support her. I support what she said. I don’t think she said anything wrong. It’s a good thing for her to say that. Go get the book.”

There has been speculation that Anthony could sign with the Bulls. But when he was asked if he’s given any thought to that, Anthony said, “Not at all.”

Anthony answered similarly when asked what his relationship with Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau is. “I don’t have one with Thibs,” Anthony said. “That was a good one.”