Carmelo Anthony Is ‘Getting Tired’ of Hearing About The Triangle Offense

The Knicks are off to a 2-4 start this season, and the drama over the triangle offense has already begun to unfold. At this point, Carmelo Anthony is just sick of hearing about it, especially from the media.

After Sunday’s loss to the Utah Jazz, the Knicks’ superstar let that be known:

Does [you and Porzingis playing well] make you feel good for the future, with all the talk about the Triangle this, the Triangle that, did you guys think—


Carmelo Anthony: “We’re just playing basketball. We’re making adjustments offensively regardless of what we’re running. At this point, I’m getting tired of hearing about the Triangle. Just getting tired of hearing about it.”

Aren’t we all, man. Aren’t we all.

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