Carmelo Anthony ‘Tired’ of the Knicks’ Poor Reputation on Defense

by December 23, 2011

An unfamiliar word is coming out the mouths of the D’Antoni-Era Knicks, who claim they’re focused on playing defense this season. Hmm. Carmelo Anthony tells Newsday that the team will be great defensively: “Carmelo Anthony held his usual place atop the boxscore with 21 points in Wednesday night’s win over the Nets in the Knicks’ preseason finale. But while others still judge Melo by his attention to scoring, he’s looking to set a new career standard at the other end of the floor. ‘I get tired of hearing we don’t play defense, I don’t play defense,’ he said after the game. ‘I just wanted to get out there and do it. I just wanted to show it.’ Anthony talked about making a commitment to defense well before training camp opened this season. During the lockout, even when there was a chance a season might not happen, Anthony insisted that he will dispel the notion that he lacks the ability — and the desire — to be a good defensive player. Long before the arrival of Tyson Chandler, Anthony said the Knicks ‘can be a great defensive team’ and put himself out in front of that mission. ‘I’ll lead that charge,’ he said in October. ‘I’ll take that stance . . . At the end of the day, we will be a great defensive team.'”