Carmelo Anthony Issued Me-Or-Him Ultimatum To Knicks Over Mike D’Antoni

Mike D’Antoni says Carmelo Anthony issued an ultimatum to the Knicks that led to D’Antoni’s resignation in 2012.

Carmelo and D’Antoni had clashed over the team’s style of play. Per ESPN:

In New York in 2012, after Anthony said the team needed to choose between him and D’Antoni, Mike made it easy.


“I just went in and quit,” he says.


“I’ve got a motto,” he says. “When the posse’s chasing you out of town, you just act like you’re the head of a parade.”

This isn’t the first time D’Antoni has criticized Anthony. While on The Vertical Podcast with Woj last summer, D’Antoni said Anthony refused to move to power forward.

D’Antoni went just 121-167 as Knicks head coach.

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