Carmelo Anthony Underwent Knee, Elbow Surgeries This Summer

by September 26, 2011

Carmelo Anthony informed the media last night that he had arthroscopic knee surgery and a procedure on his elbow. He also confirmed that he’s lost weight this summer. From Newsday: “Carmelo Anthony said he is lighter. His post-up game looked as powerful as ever. And four months ago, the Knicks forward had surgery to repair both his left knee and his right elbow. It was the first time in his career that Anthony had agreed to any type of surgical procedure, which suggests how serious both must have been. ‘Yeah, it was really bothering me,’ Anthony said of his decision to have procedures on both joints in May. The team did not announce either surgery at the time. When the lockout began July 1, teams were forbidden by the league to mention any current player. Both injuries appeared to be a moot point Sunday night at the Palestra, where his star-studded team, with LeBron James and Chris Paul , among others, took on Tyreke Evans and a team from Philadelphia in a charity game that packed the historic basketball venue on the Penn campus. Anthony had 31 points and 17 rebounds in a 131-122 loss. James had 43 points and 23 rebounds for Team Melo. Kyle Lowry had 34 points for Team Philly. Anthony, who played the entire 48-minute game, appeared to be in good shape, though his shooting from the perimeter seemed a bit rusty. He shot 9-for-24 from the field, 1-for-7 from three-point range. But overall, he said he felt good and would have been ready for training camp. The NBA, as a result of the ongoing lockout, has indefinitely postponed the start of training camp, which would have opened for the Knicks next Monday. ‘I’m down in weight,’ Anthony said. ‘I would be coming back — if we had a training camp — weighing less than last year. So I’m feeling good. Mentally, physically, I’m good.'”