Report: Carmelo Anthony Willing to Waive $8 Million Trade Kicker for Rockets

by July 21, 2017
carmelo anthony waive trade kicker

Carmelo Anthony is reportedly willing to waive his trade kicker worth roughly $8 million to facilitate a deal to the Houston Rockets.

Melo’s trade kicker would have given him a 15 percent pay raise in the event of a trade.

While waiving his trade kicker will help, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reports that both sides are back at “square one” in their negotiations.

Via The Jump (starting at 17:28):

“My sources tell me he’s willing to waive the trade kicker, which is worth around $8 million—so that makes it a little easier for Houston to do a trade.


“But it’s hard to match the pieces up in this. It’ll be a dance to get to that buyout and what that number’s going to be.


“Right now, it is really hard for those two sides to find a trade because they almost have to go back to square one.”

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