Report: Carmelo Anthony Wants Pau Gasol on the Knicks

by July 04, 2014

With max dollars on the table, Carmelo Anthony has reportedly begun to do some recruiting of his own. Anthony is pitching fellow free agent Pau Gasol on joining him in New York:

The Knicks had exuded an increasing confidence they can hold off the free-agent courtships of Chicago and Houston and were further encouraged with Anthony’s desire to talk to Gasol about New York, sources said.


The Knicks have a core of leadership, including president Phil Jackson, coach Derek Fisher and point guard Jose Calderon, who have strong history and relationships with Gasol, and those factors would have to play a part in overcoming the fact the Knicks can pay Gasol only the taxpayer’s exception starting at $3.28 million annually.


For now, Chicago and Oklahoma City are the most intriguing destinations to Gasol, league sources told Yahoo Sports.