Carnival of the NBA #33

By Sam Rubenstein

carnivalThe Carnival of the NBA makes its way around the internet, going from host blog to host blog. I was told that Matt from Celticsblog’s perkolators was the latest such host. He sent me back an email “Be warned, this Carnival is not of the typical variety…”

I see what he meant. This one is a dating service, and I’m proud to say that I got SLAM listed in the INCARCERATED BLOGS section. It’s a dream come true. Conjugal visits, baby! I even get special mention for being the nicest e-mailer, and as you all know, nice guys finish first. Yes, that’s how the saying goes.

Annnnnyways, check out the carnival for today’s NBA blog round-up. And if you’ve got a blog of your own, email me the link.