Report: Cavaliers Feel ‘Pretty Confident’ A Rebuild Is Coming

by February 05, 2018
cavaliers confident rebuild

The Cleveland Cavaliers‘ front office reportedly feels “pretty confident” that a rebuild is coming soon.

While guesting on the Lowe Post podcast, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski said the Cavs are reluctant to give up any future assets—including their own 2018 first-round pick.

I think the Cavs are really weighing how much, if at all, do we cut into our future assets. Whether it’s a draft pick—even their own pick, which is readily available, not the 2018 Nets’ pick—do they do that even?

Anything that short-circuits the rebuild that they feel pretty confident is going to come here, based on how this has gone. How much do they want to mortgage any of their future?

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