Cavs Beginning to Rebuild

The post-LeBron Era in Cleveland has begun, and the people in the front-office are doing their best to sell everyone on what James left behind. The News-Herald reports: “[Dan] Gilbert said now that [LeBron] James is history, the Cavs will do things the right way. ‘We weren’t as focused on the long term (before James left),’ he said. ‘We’ll build the right way. It’s absolutely refreshing and challenging and we’re all looking forward to building the Cleveland Cavaliers into a premier team. We didn’t achieve the ultimate goal (with James). It can’t be a one-person show. We have to have a team approach and a team effort to make it happen.’ Gilbert might second-guess himself as to what happened and why James decided to leave. But he’s ready for the challenge that lies ahead. ‘I think the organization is in a much better place than what the pundits think,’ he said. ‘We won 66 and 61 games the last two years. It didn’t happen alone. We still have lofty expectations. This wasn’t a one-man show. We have a lot of good, young, athletic players.'”