Cavs Care About Fans’ Health, Money

by February 09, 2010

Cleveland has removed all water fountains from the arena, out of concern for the paying customers’ health (and, let’s be honest, the overall bottom line): “Finding water in the arena has become more of a challenge since November, when the Cavs decided to remove all water fountains because of the outbreak of H1N1 flu. The change came as a gradual process. First the fountains were blocked off, then the water was cut off, then the fountains were removed. Complimentary 9-ounce cups of tap water are available at permanent concession stands, which excludes moveable specialty carts … But to Joe Fan, the removal of the fountains looks like a blatant attempt to make more money by selling $4 bottled water. And that might not be all they’re hawking. Standing in line for the complimentary cup subjects fans to the temptations of hot dogs, pizza, popcorn and nachos while they wait. How many have the willpower to take that free water and head back to his or her seat otherwise empty-handed? What if your child is the thirsty one? How likely is it that you’ll escape the line without at least a candy bar? ‘That is simply not the case,’ Carper said of the presumption that increasing revenue prompted the change. ‘This decision was completely focused on creating a more health-safe environment at The Q.”’