Cavs Putting Press on Zydrunas Ilgauskas

by March 03, 2010

The Plain Dealer reports on the Cavs’ efforts to bring back the big fella, but honestly now, how much prodding does really need?: “According to league sources, shortly after Ilgauskas cleared waivers and became a free agent Monday afternoon, the team swung into action. After not speaking with him since he was traded Feb. 17, Cavs General Manager Danny Ferry flew to New York after being with Shaquille O’Neal for his thumb surgery in Baltimore on Monday morning. Sources said Ferry met with Ilgauskas, who has been working out for the past week in New York, where he maintains an off-season home. It is believed Ferry made Ilgauskas an offer to re-sign with the team at that time. Then on Tuesday, sources said, several of Ilgauskas’ former and perhaps soon-to-be reunited teammates came to see him after the team flew into town for Wednesday’s game against the New Jersey Nets. There are some indications Ilgauskas could make his decision known very soon, perhaps as early as today.”