Cavs Reportedly Still Eyeing Iguodala

by February 01, 2010

Iggy’s unhappy days in Philly may soon come to an end: “Andre Iguodala, the current Philadelphia 76ers franchise player who was regarded as untouchable just a year ago but is now the centerpiece of a salary-cap hamstrung team only staying out of last place because of the New Jersey Nets. First come the facts. According to several league sources, the Cavs and Sixers have been in talks about Iguodala. The talks remain open and it is still possible the Cavs could trade for him, contrary to other reports at the end of the last week. At this point, however, the two sides are just in discussion and have not progressed to the serious stage. The Sixers are probably at that stage with a lot of teams. Over the last several weeks, when the Sixers actually starting making calls offering Iguodala, some teams were taken off guard. They had not done research into Iguodala because recently it didn’t seem sensible. After all, it was less than two years ago that the Sixers signed Iguodala to a six-year, $80 million deal and hoped he’d mature into an perennial All-Star.”