Cavs Thinking of Making Enes Kanter Top Draft Pick?

by June 17, 2011

Despite the initial general assumption that Kyrie Irving was Cleveland-bound, the Cavs have yet to decide who they’ll select as the top overall pick, but Enes Kanter seems to have moved up their draft board quite a bit. From the Plain Dealer: “Turkish center Enes Kanter told reporters in Minnesota that he was returning to Cleveland for a second workout on Monday, and his agent told reporters Kanter was scheduled to meet Cavs owner Dan Gilbert. Agent Max Ergul also told Minnesota reporters Kanter was not ‘auditioning’ for the No. 4 pick, clearly indicating he thought his client could be taken with the No. 1 pick. Kanter worked out in Cleveland last Tuesday and worked out in Minnesota today. Derrick Williams also was scheduled to work out for the Wolves [Thursday.]”