Cavs Working Out Enes Kanter Again

Impossible to know if the Cavs are seriously considering making the Turkish big man the top pick in the Draft, but it does seem like at the least, they’re bouncing the idea around. Via Yahoo!: “Enes Kanter will work out in front of Cleveland Cavaliers officials on Monday, including owner Dan Gilbert. Kanter’s manager said the Cavs are inviting his client back for another visit because they are considering him for the No. 1 pick. Whether that’s wishful thinking on Kanter’s part – the Cavs also hold the No. 4 pick – remains to be seen. ‘It wouldn’t be necessary for Enes to go again if he isn’t being considered for the top pick,’ said Kanter’s manager, Max Ergul. ‘Their word to me is good enough for him to return. They said they didn’t make a promise to anyone for No. 1.’ Cavs coach Byron Scott told Yahoo! Sports last week that the team is debating whether to use the No. 1 pick on Duke point guard Kyrie Irving or Arizona forward Derrick Williams. The Cavs also could decide to trade their picks, which would affect where Kanter is selected. Ergul said Monday’s workout in Cleveland is Kanter’s last schedule one before Thursday’s draft. Kentucky’s Brandon Knight, regarded as the draft’s second best point guard after Irving, also is scheduled to work out for Cleveland on Monday. Irving and Williams have already worked out for the Cavaliers.”