Report: Celtics Working To Acquire Gordon Hayward and Paul George

by June 27, 2017
gordon hayward paul george celtics

The Boston Celtics are reportedly pursuing an “aggressive” plan that would include signing Gordon Hayward and acquiring Paul George in a trade.

The plan hinges on the Celtics first getting a commitment from Hayward.

From the Vertical:

The Boston Celtics are pursuing an aggressive summer plan of sequencing the signing of free agent Gordon Hayward and relinquishing the assets needed to complete a trade for Paul George, league sources told The Vertical.


For salary-cap purposes, Boston wants a Hayward commitment before it can finalize a trade for George and secure the most dynamic free-agent coup in franchise history, league sources said. […]


Boston has maneuvering to do with its roster, including the shedding of salaries to create space to position itself for this scenario. Boston has contingencies in place to make deals and start a possible Hayward-George scenario toward fruition, league sources told The Vertical.

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