Celtics Trying to Convince Doc Rivers to Stick Around

Doc Rivers could walk away from Boston to spend more time with his family after this season, but GM Danny Ainge and the rest of the organization are doing all they can to keep him on the sidelines. CSNNE reports: “If there is a lockout and the season is delayed, that may very well be enough to allow Rivers to spend additional time with his family, and still return as the Celtics’ head coach. Danny Ainge, Boston’s president of basketball operations, has had multiple talks with Rivers throughout this season about re-signing with the C’s. Rivers has been consistent, Ainge said, in wanting to put off his contract situation until the season is over. ‘He would much rather the focus now be on the players and our goal, which is to win a championship,’ Ainge said. ‘And not so much on his contract and his future … Doc knows how I feel,’ said Ainge. ‘I’m doing all I can to keep Doc around for as long as possible.’ And while a lockout will certainly not be in the best interest of the league, Ainge acknowledges that it may become a factor Rivers weighs in deciding whether to return. ‘I don’t believe Doc is necessarily looking forward to being a coaching free agent this summer,’ Ainge said. ‘I really do believe he’ll be trying to decide whether to come back to Boston, or take some time off, maybe a year or two, and do some other things.'”