Channing Frye on Derrick Rose: ‘This Boy Is BBQ Chicken Every Day’

Add Channing Frye to the long list of Cavaliers players who have gushed about the play of Derrick Rose since the start of training camp.

Rose is betting on himself this season, and Frye said that Rose has been “BBQ chicken every day” on the court.

From the Road Trippin’ podcast (starting at 1:15:40):

“I called my brother after I saw D-Rose [in practice]. I said, This boy is BBQ chicken every day!


“I have never seen a man so violently go to the rack like he does, and then loop-the-loop, and all of a sudden the ball floats up and just goes in every single time.


“And then his ability to pass is crazy. Crazy. It’s so much better than I thought it was. Because I thought it was really like get a screen, attack the big, finish. You know, penetrate, penetrate, finish.


“But now, it’s like, he’s throwing passes over his head, behind his back. I think he sees the floor because we do have floor spacing.”

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