Charles Barkley: Michael Jordan’s $100k Fine ‘Drop in the Bucket’

According to Sir Charles — and basically, everyone else on the planet — the fine that the NBA gave Michael Jordan for publicly discussing players and labor issues during the lockout was nothing more than a small, silly slap on the wrist. From ESPN: Charles Barkley doesn’t feel sorry for his buddy Michael Jordan, who recently was fined $100,000 for talking about the NBA lockout, but Barkley doesn’t like the league’s gag order. ‘Well, it’s a drop in the bucket for sure,’ Barkley said Thursday. ‘But I don’t like all those rules about not talking about the lockout.’ … ‘I mean what else are you going to (be) talking about? There is nothing else happening,’ said Barkley, an NBA analyst for TNT. ‘There is no summer league and training camp starts in less than three weeks. ‘The notion that nobody is going to ask you or talk about the lockout is silly. I think everybody should be talking about it, so we can get this thing done.'”