Charles Oakley Criticizes New York Knicks for Not Hiring Him and Patrick Ewing

by November 19, 2012

According to former New York Knicks forward Charles Oakley, the team won’t give him a job because he’s too honest. Oak also blasts team owner James Dolan for failing to bring Patrick Ewing onboard as a coach. Per the NY Daily News: ”The 48-year-old has heard it’s because he’s too critical of his former team — a no-no at the Garden, as Marv Albert also discovered. ‘They say I’m hard on them. I say, I’m not hard on them; that’s just the way the game goes and people have opinions,’ Oakley said. ‘Ex-players I talk to, they say, ‘Management, they like you. But sometimes it’s the way you say things, the way you do things. I don’t know. I try to keep it simple and up front. I feel like I owe that to the fans with them coming to watch me for 10 years, following me, being a fan of mine. I feel I’m not going to let them down because somebody else wants to say something else … (Dolan) shouldn’t be mad at me because all I did was come before him and play the hardest and the best I could do. I’m going to be a Knick for life, though, no matter what people say.’ Oakley was also critical of the way the Knicks have treated Ewing, who was offered a D-League coaching job instead of the Knicks’ assistant gig given to LaSalle Thompson. Ewing declined the D-League offer. ‘That’s embarrassing,’ Oakley said. ‘How can you offer Patrick a D-League coaching job? I think it’s embarrassing. No matter what a person did to you or whatever over the years, his agent or somebody. That’s Kindergarten. This man has been the coach for 10 years and you’re going to offer him a Kindergarten job. Totally disrespectful. Then you’re going to hire a guy, LaSalle Thompson, that had nothing to do with the Knicks.’”