Charles Oakley on Dwight Howard: ‘He Just Kept Crying and Got His Way’

by August 26, 2012

Charles Oakley knows a thing or two about NBA big men, if only because he was one himself for 19 seasons. And this won’t come as much of a shock, but Oak—who’s generally known for his toughness more than anything—didn’t exactly love the way Dwight Howard’s trade demand situation went down, and so he spoke his mind about the matter in an ESPN radio interview: “A lot of guys cry in this league these days. I try not to get caught up in that. The management in Orlando let him get away with it. Most times, they put kids in timeout. They never put him in timeout. He just kept crying and got his way. Now he’s in LA with Kobe so they got a chance to win a couple championships in the next two or three years. … They could have traded him and got something better for him last year. I think they just tried to play along. They just pleased him anyway they could but he never did anything to please them.”

[H/T: Eye on Basketball]