Charlie Villanueva Lost His Mind Last Night

Charlie V had to be restrained by teammates, coaches, and even the cops as he tried to fight Ryan Hollins. From MLive: “Charlie Villanueva had to be restrained by police in a loading dock area at The Palace of Auburn HIlls after being ejected Monday night during a 110-101 loss to Cleveland in the final home game of the season for the Pistons. Cavaliers forward Ryan Hollins was also ejected following the incident. At one point, Villanueva left the Pistons locker room and raced toward the Cavaliers locker room in an attempt to confront Hollins, according to multiple witnesses. ‘I’m going to kill that dude,’ Villanueva yelled at one point. ‘I don’t give a (expletive).’ Police intercepted Villanueva in the loading dock area between the two locker rooms and led Villanueva back to the Pistons locker room. Villanueva said Hollins elbowed him in the face and then said something that angered Villanueva, who would not elaborate on what words were exchanged. ‘At the end of the day, that’s something that happened on the court,’ Villanueva said. ‘It should stay on the court. I overreacted. He said some things that kind of got me upset.’ … As he made his way down the tunnel, Villanueva gestured toward Hollins as if challenging him to meet him in the area behind the stands. Shortly after that point is when Villanueva tried to get to the Cavaliers locker room. ‘It was a heat-of-the-moment thing. He threw an elbow, caught me in my lip,’ said Villanueva, who still had a swollen, bloody lip and marks on his face more than a half-hour after the incident. ‘I just told him to watch the elbow and he said something real smart, so I got angry. Heat of the moment. That’s about it.'”