Charlie Villanueva on Monta Ellis Having Zero Career All-Star Appearances: ‘SMH’

After the announcement of the All-Star starters last week, Mavericks veteran Charlie Villanueva shared his opinions on his blog about teammate Monta Ellis and the number of All-Star games Ellis participated in—zero.

Here’s Villanueva:

“I want to throw something out there: Monta Ellis deserves to be in New York City! It is an honor to be in the All-Star game and although I have never played in the actual NBA All-Star game, in the past, I have participated in the Rookie/Sophomore game. To be recognized for your craft, for your passion, and in this case your job is a tremendous honor. And honestly every year I feel like a few guys get “snubbed.” And I didn’t even realize until I started thinking about this post, about how Monta has never been elected to the All-Star game…SMH.”

Read the rest of Villanueva’s post on his blog here.