Chauncey Billups Unsure if Knee Injury Will End His Career

by February 25, 2014

Chauncey Billups, 37, admits that he’s not sure if he’ll play again after undergoing minor left knee surgery last week (which is expected to keep him out 2-3 weeks.) The veteran point guard doesn’t want to get back on the court if his body continues to fail him. Per the Detroit Free Press:

After Chauncey Billups finished speaking to the media late Monday night, he was asked if Father Time had him up against the ropes.

Billups just smiled and said: “The gas light is on. I don’t know if there’s 15 miles or 30 miles left.”

So with only one year left (a team option) on his deal, is retirement a possibility?

“It all kind of just depends how this feels, how things are with the knee,” Billups said of a return next season. “If the knee is fine, sure I would like to come back. But if it’s not, I don’t want to come back to this.

“It’s tough to do this and we’re not a winning team at this stage. It’s tough to do that, but hopefully in a perfect world and my knee is fine … I feel like if my knee was fine we probably wouldn’t be in the position that we’re in.”