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By Konate Primus

I’ve never been the Halloween type at all, never been trick or treating, never been to a Halloween party, my folks didn’t even let us eat candy on Halloween. But this Adidas jacket is nuts, bananas, fly, Hella tight, righteously put together however you say it the s–t is dope…actually it’s celebrating the “Day of the dead” famous in numerous Hispanic communities around the world, nowhere more than Mexico. In America there’s Halloween and it’s around the same time frame and sort of the same ideas behind it so I’m doing the damn thing with Adidas!

Available Now $80

Dynasty time! This lil gem is a taste of Adidas latest works, they came up with the bright idea to make tops for the Dynasty teams of the NBA. Teams include Lakers, Bulls, Celts, Spurs and for the hell of it they made a Knicks package also.

This pack reminds me of bakery bread… Fresh!

Available January( Jacket and Kicks sold separately)

This is just a dope hoody. Period! Jordan brand decided to go into new territory with Jordan’s old alias Black Cat. A full collection of Black gold and white garments to match with those Special 15’s that are coming out. Apparently they use to call him the black cat in H.S and college because he looked like a panther, oddly enough I can see that. Though the collection name is kinda corny, 90% of the stuff is hott!

Available December 11th

Stop Buying fake kicks, you are not cool with red white and blue 11’s! If you are disgusted by this epidemic like me, go get this shirt. I cant stress how whack it is to rock bootleg J’s or fake AF1’s. … just gross!

Available December $48

Bill Willie. This company is new to me but their stuff is top notch. The quality is unbelievable and their designs are very notable. Not your average designer, I was told that it is run by a “successful entrepreneur and public icon” who choses to remain anonymous. Bill Willie is doing it big this year and in the process bringing along 11 talented youths between the ages of 14-18 who will be chosen on their ability to represent and propose a plan for creating positive change in they’re neighborhoods. So not only do they make dope clothing but they are encouraging the youngn’s to be productive citizens in their community.

Available now