Chris Bosh Explains Why He Yelled at Mario Chalmers in Game 3

Joakim Noah got a huge kick out of watching Chris Bosh yell at Mario Chalmers in Game 3. According to Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra, those types of on-the-court conversations—which have become the norm, in good and bad times, between Chalmers and his much more heralded teammates—are good for his team. Per the Sun-Sentinel: “‘Those,’ coach Erik Spoelstra said Sunday, ‘are called, ‘Miami Heat huddles,’ ‘Miami Heat exchanges,’ ‘Miami Heat dialogue.’ I get much more concerned when our dialogue is not passionate. That was a healthy conversation that was very demonstrative and animated,’ Spoelstra said. ‘But it was very specific and detailed to our spacing. I actually very much like that dialogue.’ The dialogue was followed up by a 34-point Heat fourth quarter. ‘We had a specific game plan that we talked about,’ Bosh explained. ‘I made a play and he didn’t follow that game plan. I was going to be in a specific place and he thought I was going to be in another place. And I had to talk about it. We got over it. We talked about it. And we ironed it out and that was it after that.’ Typically, LeBron James or Dwyane Wade are the ones admonishing Chalmers. But Bosh thought it was a moment that required immediate attention. ‘We were in a desperate situation and that’s how bad I want to win the game,’ Bosh said. ‘But after that, we leave it where it is and we move on. It’s the playoffs and when you’re in a must-win situation, the attitude is always going to be a little bit different than the regular season.’ As with the moments with James and Wade that have become less frequent, Chalmers said he did not take umbrage. ‘That was a conversation Chris and I were having and we were trying to figure out something,’ he said. ‘I wasn’t worried about what Joakim was doing.'”