Chris Bosh Facing Lawsuit from Ex-Girlfriend

The woman Bosh had a child with is taking the Miami Heat forward to court because he allegedly wouldn’t let her appear on the delightfully awful reality television show “Basketball Wives”. The Sun-Sentinel reports: “The mother of Chris Bosh’s child is suing the Miami Heat star, alleging that Bosh prevented her from appearing on the reality show ‘Basketball Wives.’ Allison Mathis, Bosh’s ex-girlfriend, claims in a lawsuit filed Monday in Orange County Circuit Court that Bosh ‘intentionally, knowingly, maliciously and without justification interfered’ in her employment, prompting the television show’s production company to fire her. In early May, Bosh sued Mathis and Shed Media, the show’s production company, alleging that they were trying to exploit her former relationship with Bosh for ‘commercial gain.'”