Chris Bosh Feels Grown Up Enough to Play Center Now

by October 15, 2012

For Chris Bosh, feeling comfortable about playing the center position in Miami has a lot to do with the stage of his life at the moment. Per the Sun-Sentinel: “Bosh has the traits he defined as what the center position used to be in the NBA. He’s set to make the full-time move from power forward for the Miami Heat, becoming the latest of undersized players to attempt the transition. ‘Quite frankly, it was just different [then],’ said Bosh, who is entering his 10th season. ‘You’re 24 or 23 years old going up against dudes with hair on their chests. It’s different with kids. They’re going to football practice, and they got babies. I’m trying to play against these grown men and I still had Simulac on my breath.’ The Heat feel Bosh is more than ready to face the rigors of playing in the middle. He attempts to join the likes of Dave Cowens, Ben Wallace, Willis Reed and Moses Malone to have success at the position despite possessing non-traditional size. ‘Now, I’m married,’ Bosh said. ‘I got kids, soccer practice soon. A little bit hair on his chest.’ In other words, Bosh is ready.”