Chris Bosh: Miami Heat Should ‘Own Up’ to The Decision

by August 16, 2011

Chris Bosh is the most candid (and publicly emotional) of the Big 3 down in South Beach, and tells ESPN radio that the Miami Heat need to own up to mistakes like “The Decision” and move on. From SRI: “Looking back on last year’s free agency and ‘The Decision,’ do you look back and think it could have been done differently or do you just own up to it? ‘I say you own up to it. We all make mistakes. I think anybody would be kidding themselves if they thought they were perfect at anything. I mean why change it? We’ve already went through with everything. Whether good or bad, whether it was a good decision or bad decision, or we should have done this, could of done that, if we would of done this. We are here now. Everything has happened, so let’s just own up to it. Yeah we did it. Yes. If it was a mistake? If I see it as a mistake and here’s the reasons why, but here’s the reasons why it is going to help us in the long run.’ Do you care where you sit in the grand scheme of perception on this Miami Heat team compared to LeBron James and Dwyane Wade? Does any of that eternalize with you? ‘Well, I mean we are human. That stuff kind of bums you out a lot. You try to have thick skin. You have thick skin then. You eventually reach your tipping point where it gets to you. [Scott Van Pelt: Was there a tipping point?] Yeah I mean we reached that. I know me, myself, I reached it a bunch of times because it’s like I like watching SportsCenter or something like that. I may chose not to watch it tonight because we didn’t do too well. I used to watch it as many times, but that’ll get cut down a little bit because I can assume what is going to be said and what is going to happen, so I just let it roll off. At the end of the day we are going to be…like I said it’s hard, it’s tough, but it makes you better. That’s all I really care about.'”