Chris Bosh Motivated By Carlos Boozer’s Words

by May 23, 2011

by Marcel Mutoni@marcel_mutoni

Prior to the start of the Eastern Conference Finals, Carlos Boozer informed the world that the Miami Heat only have two great players, neither of which is named Chris Bosh.

Three games, during which Bosh averaged 25 points and 7 boards per night, it might be time for the helpless Boozer to revise his scouting report of the Heat.

After notching his second 30-point game of the series, Chris Bosh tried to play off Boozer’s comments, but finally admitted that they do indeed provide him with added motivation.

From Yahoo! Sports and the Miami Herald:

Bosh has read and heard all the skepticism and talk of him being overrated and soft. No All-Star gets ridiculed more than Bosh. Some of it has stung. And while James and Wade often appear inseparable, commanding the spotlight and major commercials, Bosh admittedly comes off as eccentric. Before games, he will read a book rather than listen to Rick Ross or Drake. Off the court, he usually hangs out with his fiancée, Adrienne Williams.

“I’m human. It is what it is,” Bosh said of the negativity. “I really don’t care for it. If it’s not positive, I don’t listen to it. I’m a good ballplayer. There’s always going to be somebody throwing rocks no matter what you do. So I just continue to go. I know who is in my corner, my teammates, my family. I talk to them. I get better every day. And I play with passion. That’s all that matters.”

It was encouraging to see Bosh have a second 30-point game in this series, and it’s probably no coincidence that he’s doing it in this series, after Boozer’s comments. Bosh offered mixed messages when asked if that motivates him in this series. “Not really,” he said. “We’ve been through so much in the regular season, that comments don’t really affect me too much. You can find inspiration in all different ways. It does nothing but help. I think about it when I’m shooting.”

Boozer said after Game 3 that he respects Bosh, but one gets the feeling that it’s too late for that now.

What this series has shown so far, is that if anything, it’s Carlos Boozer’s teammate Derrick Rose (despite his own individual struggles) who lacks star power on his squad.