Chris Bosh on Game 3: ‘My Emotions Got the Best of Me’

by May 09, 2011

Bosh admitted that the enormity of the moment intimidated him a bit, but promises to bounce back in Game 4. From ESPN: “When the Miami Heat came on the floor 15 minutes before Game 3’s tipoff Saturday night the arena was darkened and the seats at TD Garden were full. On the videoboard above, the Boston Celtics were shown outside their locker room jumping up and down as the theme from Rocky pulsed from the loud speakers. It was intimidating and that was before anyone had even broken a sweat. Most arenas are rowdy in the playoffs and in Boston it’s tradition. The intensity of that atmosphere got to Chris Bosh, something he admitted when looking back on his first road game in the second round. Bosh said nerves were a major factor in perhaps his worst game of the season, a six-point, five-rebound effort in 30 minutes in the Heat’s 97-81 blowout loss. ‘Given all the elements that were out there last night … they were so hyped,’ Bosh said. ‘My emotions got the best of me early on and it kind of dictated what I was doing for the rest of the game.’ In the first moments of the game, Bosh came off a standard pick-and-roll with Dwyane Wade and had an open mid-range jumper from the wing. Although this is a routine part of Miami’s offense, Bosh hesitated and passed up the open jumper and tried to force the ball back to Wade. Bosh’s pass was off target and in traffic and went for a turnover. For Bosh, it was just downhill from there. He was worked over by Kevin Garnett, who had 28 points and 18 rebounds, and was ineffective on the offensive end. ‘I was not trusting my game,’ Bosh said. ‘The toughest thing to do in hostile environments is not just to trust your teammates but to trust yourself. Trust things you’ve been doing all your life.'”