Chris Bosh on LeBron James: ‘He Struggled. Point Blank, Period’

by June 08, 2011

LeBron’s shockingly disappointing performance last night in Game 4 of the NBA Finals left everyone in Miami shaking their heads, from fans, media, to even James’ own bewildered teammates. From the Sun-Sentinel: “Where was he? This wasn’t the superstar in Game 4 of the NBA Finals who leaped tall buildings and bent steel much of his career. This wasn’t the leader who demanded his teammates, ‘play aggressive,’ just before the game. This wasn’t the player I just defended against the media whirl the day before. This was a player who disappeared unlike in any of his 89 previous playoff games. LeBron scored eight points. Eight. You have crazy eights. You have eight maids a milking. You haven’t seen LeBron score eight points in a playoff game. You haven’t seen him do that in his past 434 games. ‘He struggled,’ Chris Bosh said after the Heat’s 86-83 loss. ‘Point blank. Period.’ LeBron made 3 of 11 shots. He didn’t score in a fourth quarter where he took one shot. Who didn’t expect the switch to turn on for him right to the Mike Miller desperation air ball at the buzzer? Instead, LeBron had a mystifyingly invisible game on a night where any offensive contribution would have swung the series. Chris Bosh scored 24 points. Dwyane Wade had 32 and tried to will this team to the win in the end.”