Chris Bosh Pushing to Be Voted in as an NBA All-Star

by January 15, 2013

Miami Heat star forward Chris Bosh is worried about not taking part in the big midseason showcase, so he’s taken to Twitter (along with his teammate Dwyane Wade, and Heat owner Micky Arison) to find some some fan support. Bosh currently trails Kevin Garnett in votes. Per the Palm Beach Post: “He did so after the Heat’s owner, Micky Arison, and Dwyane Wade, made their own social media pleas to ‘vote Bosh.’ … ‘Just being competitive, honestly,’ Bosh said. ‘I saw that I was behind, and I’m like, alright, whatever I can do. It’s not everything, but in the spirit of competition, let me do what I can.’ But he waited a while, as Garnett built more than a 30,000 vote lead. ‘I’m never comfortable promoting,’ Bosh said. ‘I always feel a certain way about it. But if a boost is required, then I have no problem doing it. Hit a little stride before it closes. I felt like I was in striking distance, so why not?’ […] Even if Bosh isn’t a starter, he is almost certain to be one of the coaches’ selections as a reserve.”