Chris Bosh Says Spurs ‘Played The Best Basketball I’ve Ever Seen’

by June 16, 2014

The Heat stood no chance against the Spurs’ blazing offense in the 2014 NBA Finals, allowing 118.5 points per 100 possessions over the course of the series. After Game 5 on Sunday, Chris Bosh said that the Spurs played the best basketball he’s ever seen and that San Antonio “dominated” the Heat. (Check out the full piece on Yahoo for an excellent account of the Spurs’ road to redemption—and domination—in this year’s Finals rematch.)

These Spurs destroyed the Heat in the Finals, exposed them in every way possible. The Big Three were reduced to James’ genius trying to beat the Spurs all alone, and that could never, ever happen. This Spurs performance was bold and breathtaking and beyond belief considering the carnage left in the ’13 Finals.


“They played the best basketball I’ve ever seen,” Miami’s Chris Bosh said. “They dominated us.”