Chris Kaman Calls the NBA’s Concussion Testing ‘Stupid’

Dallas Mavericks big man Chris Kaman has been sidelined with a concussion, and needs to pass a series of tests before he’s allowed to play again. Kaman, itching to get back on the court, seems to think (somewhat jokingly) that the safety measure is a bunch of crap. Per the Dallas Morning News: “Chris Kaman will try the NBA’s concussion test again on Wednesday, but even if he passes, he probably won’t be playing against the Portland Trail Blazers. ‘I got to take it tomorrow,’ he said. ‘It’s the stupidest test ever. For so many years in the NBA, they never had to do that stuff and now they come up with all that concussion protocol crap. It’s not cool, but it is cool, I guess. It keeps people safe. I just try to do the right things and wait until I can pass the test.’ Actually, the Mavericks’ center understands the concerns that the league has for players’ well-being, particularly as it relates to head injuries. And he admits he isn’t back to feeling normal. ‘I’m still having a little headache,’ he said. ‘Hopefully, it’ll progress, I’ll take that test, pass it and hopefully be able to play sooner or later. I’m tired of sitting around. I’d rather be playing, but at the same time I understand there’s a proper way to do things medically to keep people safe.’ […] ‘I’m hearing about players in the football leagues not being able to think straight for the next 10 years of their life,’ he said. ‘And taking a lot of different medications to recover what they lost. And I don’t want that to be anybody. That’s not cool, that’s not fun for anybody. But part of the deal is guys also want to play. And so, there’s a balance there and sometimes the balance isn’t met always, screening the way they do it.'”