Chris Kaman: ‘You Don’t Lose a Player Like Blake Griffin’

by February 14, 2011

Kaman became the second member of the Clippers organization this season to let it be publicly known that Griffin isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. From the LA Times: “I told Blake, ‘You might as well buy a house, buddy. You’re going to be here six more years,’ Kaman said Sunday before the Clippers-Toronto Raptors game. ;Any time you’re a restricted free agent, the team has a second option, you don’t lose a player like Blake Griffin. You just don’t.’ Inevitably, Griffin is often asked by a reporter on the road, say, for example, would he like to eventually play for Houston? (That did not happen in Toronto, for the record.) ‘He really doesn’t have much of a choice whether he wants to be here or not,’ Kaman said. ‘You can’t have someone write a story in the paper saying they [the Clippers] lost Blake Griffin … that’s so far down the road, who knows what will happen?'”